21 Day Journaling Challenge | Kick Start Your Life & Business

Join us for the 21 Day Journaling Challenge!

Click on the image below to get to the sign up page for the upcoming challenge. Starting on Monday, March 28th, you’ll receive a daily prompt in your inbox.

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5 Tips for Follow-through Success:

#1. Focus on the Benefits: What are all the benefits that you’ll receive from daily writing? Clarity, inspiration, answers, creativity, flexing new muscles, are just a few. What are your motivations?

#2. Time Blocking: Block out at least 10 minutes/day on your calendar asap.

#2. Celebration: How will you celebrate at the end? Add it to your calendar for April 17th, our last day (give or take a few days).

#4. Plan for Flexibility: Life happens! Don’t get disheartened if you miss a day. Focus on the benefits that come from your daily writing and get back on track as soon as you can.

#5. Group Support/Accountability: Jump over to our Facebook group where I’ll be posting the daily prompts. You’re invited to share your goals and your experiences as we go.

Journal Challenge Image

I’m very excited to participate in this challenge with you. This challenge is designed to take 10 minutes a day (more if you’d like) and is designed to take you on a journey of self-discovery while developing writing muscles and creating a new habit (21 days of consistent action makes a habit!).

WHY am I doing this challenge? Some of you have taken my Kick Start Your Business workshop (now available as a book! learn more HERE) and you know that simple, positive, daily habits are one of the foundations for what we learn in the workshop and for those of you who are implementing, you know how powerful it is to start your day in a positive way and to enter your day with intention. My goal with this challenge is to take just one of those daily habits we talk about, and help it become a non-negotiable daily action item. There are so many benefits that come from daily writing, journaling – clarity of thought, working through challenges, developing new ideas, flexing your creative muscles – just to name a few.

I hope we all finish these 21 Days feeling more confident about our writing and feeling like we have an excellent tool, easily accessible at our fingertips. I hope this is a very enjoyable experience for you, and while it may be challenging some days, I hope you connect to that end goal, that end vision of feeling stronger and more able in your writing ability.

Are you ready to get started NOW?

I don’t want to hold you back! While the official journaling challenge starts on the 28th, you can grab the BONUS CHAPTER of the Kick Start Your Business E-Book and start doing some writing (and positive mindset shifting) today!

Want to learn more about the Kick Start Your Business E-Book? It’s all about creating new habits (like our 21 Day Challenge), getting clear on what you want in your life and your business and creating goals and actionable plans. Read more HERE!