Carmen C.

I am a gift/publisher rep and I work from home and out in my territory which is Colorado & New Mexico. I love to hike, camp and run. I live in Conifer but don’t mind the trek to Evergreen to be able to work with friends and other creative folks!

Jackie W.

Jackie is the Marketing Director for Cowork Evergreen and has a great amount of experience in running a small business, running marketing campaigns for large companies as well as world-class art museums.  She has lived all over the country and has a great ability to see where the greatest need is for a company and jumping in and taking care of those gaps and helps to take the company to the next level of success.   Jackie lives in Evergreen and has two lovely daughters. She is a creative problem-solver and loves to connect with people!


Mendhi A.

My family and I recently moved to Evergreen and LOVE IT! I have a 7 year daughter and an entrepreneurial husband, and we’re excited to connect with the locals here. Professionally, I’ve written a few books, do a lot of public speaking and workshops, and love talking about spirituality and personal growth.

Katy M.

Founder of Cowork Evergreen, I love everything about the world of entrepreneurs. I enjoy supporting other local business owners and encouraging them in their growth and success.  I am also a portrait photographer, specializing in portraiture for women, including high school seniors, tweens, moms and ladies rocking it and getting business headshots, personalized to their branding. And, being the mom of a 3 and 5-year-old, I also love photographing the little ones. Fun, energetic, and fleeting innocence – I think their portraits are some of the most important.

Mark W.

I am a software engineer specializing in scalable systems and realtime information.  I’m working at Cowork Evergreen so I can work with my friends and I like to be able to get out of my home office now and again.

Heather C.

I was born and raised in Colorado, just down the hill in Lakewood. Growing up in Colorado I have developed a true love of the outdoors and some of my favorite activities include fly fishing, running, and climbing. I also really enjoy what I do for work here in Colorado, as I work as a real estate agent in the Denver Metro area, this also includes Evergreen and Genesee. I have been in the real estate business for four years as well as working for a commercial appraiser, which has allowed me to work with a variety of properties and people, which I have loved. I live in Denver currently but will take any excuse to come up to beautiful Evergreen!

Andrew M.

I’m a UX Web Designer and work for a company in Arlington VA/DC area. 15 yrs in web, but do a little print and identity design (logos, visual identity etc) from time to time.

Margaret R.

I am a web designer/consultant/trainer, but I am not a true geek, more of a demi-geek. (I don’t even own an iPad.) One of my first real jobs was Apple Computer’s marketing department in 1984, where I learned all of my best profanity from Steve Jobs and his minions. I left my corporate job in 1997 to start my own company to help make the Web accessible to people doing good work in the world, such as nonprofits, social entrepreneurs, teachers, coaches, authors, etc. I have never regretted it even for a nanosecond.

Tammie M.

Tammie is an avid supporter of the local animal rescue EAPL and she regularly fosters sweet fur babies, helping them find forever homes.  Not-surprisingly, Tammie specializes in dog photography, as she seems to have a bit of dog-whisperer in her blood.

Check out Tammie’s work on her website:  Tamara Dawn Photography

Follow her on her Facebook page:



Karen F.D.

Karen, of College by Karen works with parents, looking at the whole picture of where their child is now (classes they’re taking, sports, extra-curricular, etc) and where they envision their future to be (ranging from Harvard University and Stanford University to CU and CSU, and everything in between!).  Karen has over 6 years of college admissions experience and has helped more than 100 families chart their course to success. 80% of her students receive acceptance to their top three choice colleges.She’s already hosted a couple of workshops at Cowork Evergreen, helping parents of college-bound kids navigate the murky waters of college prep, making the path clear, direct and smooth sailing. Fun Facts:  My husband and I just moved to the Evergreen area 6 months ago from California, this is my very first “true” winter (still getting used to seeing snow every day!), and prior to working in education, I worked in television production (notably on shows like The Apprentice).

Shawn A.

I consider myself a Transaction Scientist. I work closely with businesses to create experiments to test a hypothesis or theory as it relates to consumption patterns, transaction decisions, and positioning in their marketplace.  The ultimate goal is to increase marketshare, grow revenue, and help the business create ‘The Standard’ which all others are measured against.
(720) 449-6433

Tom D.

Tom is a long-time entrepreneur and President of NLP Comprehensive.

What is “NLP”?

NLP is like the ‘user’s manual’ for the mind, and allows us to use the language of the mind to consistently achieve our specific and desired outcomes.

When you learn NLP, you learn specific skills and patterns necessary to make positive changes, create new choices, be more effective with others, break free of old habits, self-destructive patterns and behaviors, and think more clearly about what it is you want and how to get it.

Tom is working towards his dream of being totally location-independent, honing his sailing skills and is part of a small crew blowing across the Atlantic.

Wendy M.

Evergreen-based accountant and bookkeeper, specializing in small businesses.

Annie C.

Annie is an award-winning photographer, specializing in newborns & maternity.  See more of her work and contact her via her website:

Katrina P.

Katrina Padron was a Chicago city dweller that found solace within the lush Foothills of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. Since her time spent at DePaul University in Chicago, where she graduated with a Master’s Degree in Sociology, she has gone on to win many awards and accumulate many noteworthy accomplishments, including three ADDY awards. Although, if you asked her, she would say that her biggest accomplishments are her two adorable children. After college, Katrina worked for a 100 million dollar restaurant group in the Midwest where she learned to fine tune her marketing skills and self discovered diverse and creative ways to increase a brand’s social following and sales. Since then she has been asked to share these ideas at the National Restaurant Show along with numerous other organizations. Due to her innovative thinking and social media whisperer title, she decided to venture out on her own and founded, Padron Social Marketing. She’s bootstrapped this company from the ground up and has been able to help up and coming companies find a voice and increase their social presence. Padron Social Marketing is the product of Katrina’s dedication to the art of social media and her innate drive towards originality. She has helped over 25 companies grow and we’re just getting started.


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