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New workshops, new members and news at your friendly neighborhood coworking space.
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Welcome to Spring!

Workshops, New Members and Good Stuff Happening at Cowork Evergreen & Studio 108

Just a quick note! We’ve had so many wonderful changes with the first quarter of 2015. Life and game-changing workshops, powerful masterminds, community projects, and just some great days at work. We’ve added 2 new workstations, allowing for adjustable work heights, for those that like to stand. And we’ve had many new, talented folks come to work with us. I’m so grateful with every new month to see all the growth, both with our space and also with everyone here.  Thanks for your encouragement and support – hope to see you soon!   ~ Katy


The Passion Test So to put it simply…. What if somebody told you they could help you really hone in on your passions and you could learn how to identify, actualize, and monetize the things you would most love to have in your life and fulfill your personal destiny. Would you say no?

(Also sounds like: I am giving you a magic wand to use to hit yourself over the head so you can get out of your rut and be awesome. Would you say no?)

Read all about it on the website and please join our local celebrity host, Mendhi Audlin as she leads us through the process of getting more magic in our lives.

Typically this workshop is $50/person, but this workshop on Friday, April 10th will be a free, a gift from Mendhi, who is new to the area, and from Cowork Evergreen, who believes everybody should be creating their work and living their lives from this place of passion. Read more….

Learn to Crochet with Emily Martin
If you’ve spent some time here at Cowork Evergreen, you know how much we adore the work of Emily Martin of Stitches by Emily. Many of us own her cup cozies, boot cuffs, if not a few more items – she is just an amazing talent and has a great eye. Also, as the mother of 4 young children, she has amazing patience, attention to detail and – most important in any teacher – a great sense of humor.

As we’ve all become such fans, many have asked if Emily teaches classes. Now, in response to all the demand, Emily is offering a limited-time class, starting in April!

Read more…

Cowork Member Profile  Karen Fong Donoghue 
Meet Karen Fong Donoghue of College by Karen. Karen is a fresh arrival from California. She’s already hosted a couple of workshops here, helping parents of college-bound kids navigate the murky waters of college prep, making the path clear, direct and smooth sailing. She works with parents, looking at the whole picture of where their child is now (classes they’re taking, sports, extra-curricular, etc) and where they envision their future to be (ranging from Harvard University and Stanford University to CU and CSU, and everything in between!).  Karen has over 6 years of college admissions experience and has helped more than 100 families chart their course to success. 80% of her students receive acceptance to their top three choice colleges. Fun Facts:  My husband and I just moved to the Evergreen area 6 months ago from California, this is my very first “true” winter (still getting used to seeing snow every day!), and prior to working in education, I worked in television production (notably on shows like The Apprentice).
You can learn more about Karen’s business, College by Karen at her Website and you can contact her via email: Karen@CollegeByKaren.com

In Other News:
Evergreen Community Service
The Goodwill Project
Cowork Evergreen is proud to be a part of The Goodwill Project, a group of volunteers that dedicates time each week to help another local business quickly jump to the next level – and beyond. Read more about The Goodwill Project here…
We completed our first project as we supported Evergreen Nursing. We raised awareness of the business to key partners and increased the list of warm-leads that will exponentially grow the business. Small steps leading to huge jumps.  Evergreen Nursing provides nursing services by experienced compassionate professionals, who are ready to apply comprehensive holistic care to help guide individuals to optimum wellness.  For more info about Evergreen Nursing, contact Mary Pat DeWald @ nursemarypat@gmail.com 
Join The Goodwill Project Facebook Group

Studio 108 – Photography Studio

From Katy Moses Photography:
We’re busy with our favorite Storytelling Headshot Sessions!
Here’s a favorite from a recent shoot with Realtor Heather Charbonneau.

From Tamara Dawn Photography:
We’re busy with dogs! Big dogs, little dogs, black, white and brown dogs!
We love our sessions with our sweet fur friends. Here’s a favorite of a recent rescue, my little man, Bentley:

From Annie Coppock Photography:
We’re famous! :-)  Check out all the new photos on display at Buchanan Rec Center.
Also, contact annie@coppock.com to get details on the upcoming boudoir sessions at Brook Forest Inn. For the ladies only!

About Cowork Evergreen

The idea is simple: independent professionals and those with workplace flexibility work better together than they do alone. Coworking spaces are about community-building and sustainability. Participants agree to uphold the values set forth by the movement’s founders, as well as interact and share with one another. We are about creating better places to work and as a result, a better way to work.

What will you find in our Evergreen coworking office space?

– Wi-fi, desks, kitchen, private meeting room.
– Full day access from 7 am – 7 pm.
– Central Evergreen location, close to great eating options, hiking and biking trails, CrossFit (workout on your lunch hour), Kinetic Arts (get some work done while the kids are in camp and lessons) and other great local businesses.
– Quiet tables for those that need to really focus and crank out a project or a presentation.
– A private meeting room for collaboration and conference calls.
– Lunch and learn sessions.
– Space for evening and weekend workshops, local and Meetup.com groups.
– Easy online sign-up, and booking.
– Very affordable monthly and drop-in rates.

Are you interested in being a founding member? Email now: CoworkEvergreen@gmail.com

SPECIALS**  Ladies Day Thursday & Receive a Free Day with Survey. CLICK for details.