Birthing a New Business | Starting fresh

What would you do if you had to start over again in business? What actions would you take? Who would you reach out to from Day One? What lessons have you learned that you can incorporate now?

I’m starting a new endeavor, which I mentioned briefly in the last post and I’m taking this as an opportunity to do things as right as I can from the beginning.

What does this mean for me? 

It means I’m taking action and not letting perfection stop me. I’m allowing myself to be seen and to put my message out there. I’m designing systems for creation and for putting new content out in ways that are easy for me and fun and don’t take up my whole day.  I’m letting my intuition speak and it’s shaping my content, my schedule and the way I’m doing each of the pre-mentioned points in this paragraph.

Specifically, it looks like this (so far):

  • I’m creating in the ways I’m called to create. So far this has meant video, audio & writing emails and blog posts.
  • Connecting in ways I want to connect. I’ve created a free FB group as another way to grow this tribe, get my message out and provide a safe, supportive space for members. I’m sending emails, I’m inviting others to give feedback and engage with their community.
  • Putting my message out there. When I feel inspired, I create and then I share. I’m not filtering, I’m not doing (much) editing. I’m allowing things to get out into the world and help others. I’m not holding onto them waiting for perfection.
  • I’m designing systems for creating. These systems are not strict and rigid. But the loose structure of the system takes out a lot of the emotion and mental work that would stop me otherwise. Here’s the basic structure, as of today.  #1. Daily movement, daily writing. Allow for inspiration. #2. Create from that place of inspiration. #3. Post the creation to the website. #4. Write an email with a link to the new creation. Invite others to engage. #5. Share same content in FB group. Invite others to engage.


This is what things look like so far. I’ll likely add some FB ads soon. I’ll be building the paid membership site as well. But, for now, I’m starting simply and letting things flow out and get out to help as many people as possible – I’m finally getting out of my own way.

So, what are the take-aways for you today?

Are there any lessons here you can apply to your own business?

What would you go back and tell the younger version of yourself starting out in business?

What are a few things you can revisit or rethink today?

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You can read more about my new business project HERE.