Build Your Own Website| Workshop for the Do-It-Yourself Business

Build Your Own Website| Workshop for the Do-It-Yourself Business


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DIY Website




Friday, May 6th 11:30 am- 1pm

Cost: $15 for one, $20 for two


Anyone can make a website these days. There are do-it-yourself options for even the least technical among us, and they can be a good way to get something onto the Web quickly for your new business, project, event, or promotion.
But although the DIY services like and Wix and Squarespace give you a powerful set of tools to stamp out some web pages, how can you be sure you aren’t wasting your time, or worse, turning off the people you most want to impress?
Join us as we talk about your options out there in the new web landscape, and how to ensure your website appeals to the audience you want to reach.
After our casual, lunch-hour conversation, you’ll walk away knowing:
  • All of your options for getting a new website, from DIY on your own through custom site development, and everything in between
  • The differences between the major DIY website builders, including their individual advantages and disadvantages
  • The costs involved in each, including the add-on features you’ll definitely want to  sign up for
  • The fundamental things you need to have in hand – and in your head & heart – before you sign up with any DIY option
  • How you can combine the tools they provide with the wisdom to connect & engage with your best clients and prospects
  • Where to find help along the way, so you’re not going it alone
Leave Cowork Evergreen ready to make a decision about your next (or first!) website, and know where to get support you need.
Location: Cowork Evergreen
30706 Bryant Drive #108
Evergreen, CO
www.CoworkEvergreen.comCost: $15 for one -or- $20 for two. Bring a friend!
Includes snacks.Questions: Margaret Rode ~