Digital Product Workshop | Upcoming Workshop at Cowork Evergreen

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Take Your Ideas and Make them a Virtual Reality

I’ve just signed up to take Laura Brandenburg’s Dec 5 workshop at Cowork Evergreen. She’s posted it on her own site, but I also know how much it can help to have somebody else talk about their experience with something available for purchase (Helloooo – let’s talk about the power of reviews and testimonials!!!).

I took the same workshop back in August and during that time, was able to take a few nebulous ideas and select one, hone it down and I’ve just launched it, live to the wild world of the Internets. So why would I take her workshop again, when I’ve already got it “figured out”?

Here’s why: Laura is an amazing resource. She’s done this work for herself and has found big success. Every time I chat with her, about this, or something else, I find so much value and wisdom in her words. She is incredibly thoughtful and has walked this same path many times. Taking this workshop again will help me get even more clear about what I’m doing now and may allow me to go on to my NEXT idea. When I left the workshop last time, I had a clear action plan and was able to start implementing immediately.

If you have an idea that you’d like to take online, or even if you’re not sure, you should reach out to Laura. I’m happy to answer any questions in regards to my experience as well.

To find out more, here is a link to the workshop:

I hope to see you there too!