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Embracing Entrepreneurship in the Mountains

Guest Post by Cowork Evergreen member, Laura Brandenburg


Even though I’ve lived near Evergreen for 4 years and been in business for 6, I’ve just recently entered the Evergreen business scene.

There was a time in my life when I was so tired of the corporate world that I decided to hunker down. Not leaving my work-from-home office was a freedom I treasured dearly.

Then one daughter was born. And another. Hunkering down became a necessity rather than a choice as I stole hours and minutes during naps and content playtimes to work on or in my business.

Outside of attending a local professional group a few times each year and traveling to speak on great occasion, I stayed close to home when it came to working.

But recently, that’s started to change for the better.

  • Finally giving some attention to my calling to help moms find profitable work, I decided to host an in-person Digital Product Workshop. I discovered this wonderful place called Cowork Evergreen. It was the perfect venue for the intimate gathering of women who attended. (If you are interested, the next workshop is on September 26, and you can find out more here.)
  • I’ve started leaving my home office one day per week to work at Cowork Evergreen too. I get to talk to people. In person. For those of you I’ve met already, I know I haven’t been the most outgoing or talkative, but I’m looking forward to catching up with you when I’m not caught up in thought about whatever it is I might be working on at the moment. After all these reclusive years and stolen minutes and intense focus, I’m still learning how to embrace the more serendipitous connections that come my way.
  • And now I’m working with one of our own local web designers, Margaret Rode, on a new website to hold my thoughts and offerings around this new branch of my business. If everything goes well, you’ll be seeing more about that within the next week.

Life is getting just a little bit better as I get out of my comfortable home space and out into the very welcoming Evergreen business community.

Don’t get me wrong  –  I still treasure those sacred hours at home where I can do focused work for hours on end, with two monitors, easy access to my copious paper files, and my touchstones of inspiration surrounding me. And I still plan to maintain significant amounts of my business virtually, for reasons I’ll be sharing in my very first blog post on my new website.

But I also treasure connecting with people in person, learning about your businesses, and becoming part of this wonderful community.

Thank you for opening up to me. And many, many thanks to Katy Moses Huggins for being the driving force behind the physical community space of Cowork Evergreen and the virtual community of the Evergreen Colorado Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs Facebook group. They are the perfect stepping stones for an introvert like me to get more engaged locally.

Laura Brandenburg is the founder of Clear Spring Mompreneurs, helping moms find clarity to spring their businesses forward, and Bridging the Gap, where she helps professionals start business analyst careers. She’s the mom of two young daughters and likes to hike. Join Laura for her next workshop at Cowork Evergreen on Saturday, September 26th and learn a simple process to take your ideas into a real, online product to sell! Click here for more details.