First Step for the Stuck Creative | Motivation for Creation

You keep waiting for it to be right and the right time and maybe you’re waiting for it to be…. perfect.  Forget that.

What is the message I need to hear and share today? What is it?


Just Freaking Do IT!  Stop waiting, stop asking for permission. You don’t need it. Just jump the f in. Just do it. Just do it. Just do it. Be brave and vulnerable. Be terrified and fearless. In equal parts. You are here to do something so special and so different, but you keep putting it off. You keep waiting for it to be right and the right time and maybe you’re waiting for it to be…. perfect.  Forget that.

Perfect doesn’t happen and the fastest way to get to be the best and to create the best things are by creating and putting them out into the world. Let them go and see what happens… See how they sit, see how they take off, see how they flop, see how they soar…. What happens? Are you putting these things out there and then hiding under the covers? (Guilty raises hand here. I know – I really know this place.) That will not get you anywhere either, unless you manage to get some kind of lightning-strike luck. You’ve got to share, share, share your works and keep communicating. Keep reaching out. Keep telling the people you love about what you love and how you’d love them to love it too. Be authentic. Be true. Be loving. Be strong. Then the vulnerability and the bravery won’t be so intense – the feelings of vulnerability and bravery are about you. So to get past that, think of the bigger things you are doing, the work you’re creating, the lives you’re changing, the magic you’re putting out there. Then it’s not about you any more. It’s about your connection to all things. It’s why you’re here. It’s your calling. It’s your place of authentic creation and flow. It is yours and it also belongs to everyone else, so let it go and let it run free, man.

You love what you do.

So do it.

Don’t wait for good feedback.

Don’t wait for permission or approval.

Don’t wait for perfect.

Just do it.

Now. Do it today. Do it now.

You’re feeling a pull.

You feel the call.

What is it?

What do you need to do?

Keep it as simple and bare-bones as you can to make this first step happen.

Now… Slow your breathing. Nice, deep breaths. Think about what you’re going to do next. What you’re being called to do. What does that look like? What are you going to do as soon as you stop reading here?  Envision that.  Create the space and time to allow for it. Insist on it. Be greedy with your time and space because you can’t claim it after it’s past.  So now. What are you going to do next? Nice deep breaths. You’re going to stop reading this and you’re going to move to that thing, whatever it is and wherever it is. Don’t let anything distract you. Today is your day and your time is now.  You can feel the energy buzzing, getting ready for you to go. Keep your nice deep breaths and move on and do your work NOW. This is it. This gift of now is for you.  I’ll be here when you’re done and can’t wait to see what you’ve got.

Inspired by You

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