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We had an amazing time with our sold-out Kick Start Your Biz workshop last Friday. Our group of women entrepreneurs were all at different places in their personal and business lives, but all were ready to gain clarity and take some action and come up with seriously powerful game plans to take them to the next level.

Some of the things we talked about would be helpful lessons for others, so I wanted to address them here in today’s blog post.

Here are some of the most powerful topics we touched on at the workshop:

1. Establish simple morning rituals. Frame your day with a positive outlook and move into your day with intention.

What does this mean?  Creating a simple morning ritual is an easy way to get a jump start on success. Think about what could happen if the first thing you do in the morning is to [NOT jump out of bed in a rush] get up and set both feet on the floor. Take a deep breath, feel it fill your lungs and bringing life to your whole body.


Next, think about a few things you are grateful for  in your life – even in the darkest times there are always miracles around you. Witness them and give thanks for them. This is one of THE most powerful actions you can take.


Next, consider the three things you’re going to do in the day that are going to get you to the life that you desire. I’m not talking about a basic to-do list, I’m talking about the things you can do that will support your bigger dream. Think about those things now and decide when you will do them and how you will do them. (We go into more detail on the bigger dream life in our workshops.) You can even write them down and assign a start time to them.


Finally, before you move on, take a moment to take a deep breath and give thanks for showing up, for taking responsibility for this day and for your life.


2. Write.

Create a regular – daily, even – writing practice. Get those thoughts that are bouncing around your head onto paper. Start small, maybe just 5-10 minutes a day of writing and let it grow from there.


3. Have a support network.

It’s been proven in scientific studies that people who have a positive support network around them to share their goals and to keep them accountable perform at much higher levels than those that don’t.


If you don’t already have these kinds of people around you, reach out to those you admire and want to work with in this way. You could meet with local folks in-person or you could have a virtual group on FB or a weekly call-in group. There are so many ways to connect, find a method that works for you.


4. Be consistent.

Show up every day. Do the work every day. Even if that’s just 10 minutes a day, you’ll make progress.


I hope this helps you get calm and centered and helps you feel more empowered to take your life and business to a place of success. Please share this post with anyone else who would enjoy the message.

Thanks for reading! ~Katy

We go over all these power habits in more detail as well as other game-changers in the Kick Start Your Biz workshop. If this sounds like something you’d like to join in for the next round, please read more here or reach out to KatyKickStartYourBiz@gmail.com


**UPDATE** Join us for another upcoming in-person workshop on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 6th from 9am-1pm. Click HERE to sign up.  

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