Reiki Joy Entrepreneur Workshop | Joy, Clarity, Motivation & Success for your Business

Reiki Joy Entrepreneur Workshop | Joy, Clarity, Motivation & Success for your Business

Success and Joy for Entrepreneurs
Are you ready to FALL BACK IN LOVE with your business?

Do you wake up in the morning wanting to FEEL MORE INSPIRED?

You KNOW there has to be MORE TO LIFE? 

That’s why I’ve created the Reiki Joy Entrepreneur Workshop, to bring the power of positive healing energy to clear fears, release stress, & help you step-up to success. 


Are you ready to take your Business – and life – to the next level??

In a half-day version of the 8 Week Intensive, join Katy for a 3 hour session as you:

– Get clarity on what you want and what your Successful Life looks and feels like.

– Shine a light on the blocks, fears in your way – because shadows can’t hide in the light

– Clear the blocks & fears and step into the shoes of your successful self! (This is where the reiki-fun comes in)

– Connect with other amazing women – there is great power in the energy of a positive, supportive group

Date: Saturday, April 30th
Time: 9am – 12pm
$75 & Bring a friend for $25 more ($100 for 2!). Includes snacks & coffee, tea.

Read more & RSVP here:  Reiki Joy Entrepreneur Workshop Sign-Up


Kind words:

Testimonial portrait

“Katy was amazing to work with. I didn’t have to “do” anything! After our reiki session I felt more at peace, more ease in my business, and a sense of it all working out in it’s own perfect way. I was looking to fill a group program and felt a real sense of calm around it-far from the desperation, attachment and anxiety I had felt before! Yes, I was a little skeptical if it really “worked”, but I definitely felt a change.” – Jenn H., Colorado




Jenev Testimonial“Do you guys know about Katy Moses Huggins?? This woman!!! She is so amazing! She did a reiki session with me last week and truly has been on top of me making sure she could send the best kind of energy possible my way — she was such a gem to speak with – safe, caring, truly committed to helping — just wanted to give this gem of a human a massive shout out and to recommend her to anyone if you’re looking for some good mojo. Thank you so much Katy, I’m so glad to know you and so grateful to you!” – Jenev C., New Hampshire