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Kick Start Your Business Book Cover

The Kickstart Your Business Workshop is now a book!

A ready-to-download e-book for you to read, explore, expand & rock your biz at a time and place that’s totally convenient for you, and at a very reasonable price.

This book will take you on a journey, of getting clear on where you are now, where you want to be and the best way to get you from here to there.

Structured similarly to the workshop, the material in the Kick Start Your Business book is designed to lead you through a series of steps that build on each other. By the end you’re clear on what your next steps are and you’re taking productive, intentional, inspired action.

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More About Kick Start Your Business

Gain Clarity, Inspiration, Forward-moving Action & Success

  • Do you find yourself in a place where you need to re-ignite your love with your business?
  • Are you moving through your days, checking off items on an uninspired to-do list?
  • Are you wanting to reconnect, authentically with your clients?
  • Do you feel like you’re meant for something bigger, something greater?
  • Do you feel like you don’t know what your next step should be to improve your life and your business?

If you said “yes” to any or all of these questions, it is time to make a change!

We’re all here in this world to serve at our highest levels and we all have an inspired path…we just may need a little help getting in touch with it again.

That’s where the Kick Start Your Business E-book comes in.

You’ll guide yourself through the work that makes a real difference in your business and your life.

You’ll reconnect to your gifts and your greater calling.

You’ll learn new, healthy habits, that remove stress and anxiety and keep your bigger goals and visions of success close to you. By establishing new, simple, easy daily habits and, getting clear on what you want, you’ll find yourself easily moving towards the life and business of your dreams.

You’ll dig deep and connect with what you love and what YOUR dream life looks like. Success is easier than we thought!

Calm: You’ll get a toolkit of methods to use to reduce stress and anxiety.

Clarity: You’ll develop short term and long term plans to make your next steps to your dream life.

Support: Being an entrepreneur can be lonely sometimes. This book will support you and your vision and with our Facebook group, you can connect with other like-minded positive people.

Goal-setting: This is big. Too-often checking items off of our admin-type to-do lists feel like a major accomplishment. But that admin work can derail us from the work we really want to be doing.  This is where we’re going to really dig deep. You’re going to map out your big picture visions. And this will translate into your day-to-day plans.

Mindset Shifts: One of the biggest blocks to living a successful life is our mindset. We have our pre-set beliefs about what we deserve in life and how good we can be in life. How are these beliefs holding you back? How are they keeping you from living your life to the fullest? How are they limiting your relationships with others? How are they limiting your willingness to try new things with your business? And what would it mean to make a simple shift to change everything? What would it mean to allow yourself to live a life of inspired action and success?

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From Kick Start Your Business participants:

During this program I realized that I have no option but to work with fierce love, build strong connections, seek out opportunities for rampant joy and stay in a perpetual state of possibility. There is wild magic in doing this with other women, sharing ideas and struggles and solutions.  It is fine to do self-improvement alone, in the privacy of your home or office, but a kick start like this will ignite thoughts and actions like nothing else.  Best to ignite it, then go home and tend it! Margaret

Owner, Websites for Good

This was such a great experience! I learned a lot about myself and where I want to see my business. Tamara

Owner, Tamara Dawn Photography

This would be a GREAT experience for my business clients and friends. I had the opportunity to run through the workshop with Katy last week and it really helped me put my thousands of ideas into perspective and focus in on what my next steps are. Not to mention some great tools that I took with me to help me stay organized and on track! Marcia

Owner & Founder, SBO Toolbox

Katy Moses Headshot

About Katy

First of all, I refuse to write in the third person. This is me, Katy. I do all my own copy (obvs), my own website work, most of my own graphic work and I’m here now.

I have spent many years figuring things out. I’m a professional figure-outter. Figuring out how to make my own website, do my own graphics, and more. I’m big on finding the best tools and techniques to make life and work more fun, make the work part more effective and I believe that there is a way to weave magic into our lives as a way to achieve more and live the life we desire.

The journey has led me down the more traditional route: go to college and get the most practical degree you can, while still staying in Fine Arts (Interior Architecture), study abroad (Italy), live with my Grandma in NJ while interning for an architecture firm on Madison Avenue, NYC (sweet). I moved through various corporate projects while in NYC, most of my time with an investment bank in midtown. When I started to sense my creative self cracking under the pressure (probably some ptsd around my experience there on Sept 11, 2001 as well) – I would be at my desk, day dreaming about hiking on the trails, the sound and feel of that dirt under my feet, pack on my back – it was time for change. In Sept 2003, I jumped off The Island (as they say) and moved to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. I’ve moved in and out of entrepreneurship, corporate work, retail, waitressing (I am NOT a good waitress) and have happily found my way to an ongoing life of entrepreneurship. I own and work in a coworking space, surrounded by incredible people doing amazing work. I am a portrait photographer, specializing in portraits of entrepreneurs, I get to host workshops that connect and inspire, and I just put out one of my workshops as an e-book! And, I live and work within walking distance of those dirt trails and I get out on them almost every day, so grateful for life and the choices and freedom I have.

I’m passionate about the journey of the entrepreneur. Talk to me about what you do, your systems, your successes, your challenges, and I’ll keep you close to me so we can geek out on a regular basis. I love my own journey and the people I’ve met and served and the many, many lessons I’ve learned and the success I’ve found and the epiphanies revealed. Our journeys are meant to be shared and to cross paths with others. I’m so glad to share this path with you.

Let’s connect!

Facebook: YourMagicalLife

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