Success Despite Distraction | Tips and Tools for the Entrepreneur

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Success Despite Distraction | Tips & Tools for the Entrepreneur

While we’re currently in the thick of our #21DayJournaling Challenge here at the Cowork Evergreen sister group, Live Your Magical Life, there is more to living your magical life than your journaling. Like a lovely sparkly diamond, there are many sides, many facets to consider.
I met with an entrepreneur friend (friendpreneur!) today and we both talked about a challenge that’s been getting in the way lately. 
Distraction. We’ve both been in a space of distraction, where the day gets away and actions become more reactive and less intentional. The plans and goals and hopes for the day, the week, slip away and it can feel frustrating and a feeling of defeat to lose momentum.
I think there is a natural up and down cycle with business, but the important thing is to be aware of this and come back to both the big picture and checking in with where you are – head & heart.

In terms of a practical tool, practical technique for getting back on track, in spite of distraction, I recommend two steps:

1. Revisit your big goals for the year as a starting point.
Then go through these questions:
  • What are your biggest goals for the year? Do they still resonate, or do you need to adjust?
  • How do those goals break down for the next 3 mos.?
  • What do you need to do every week?
  • What are the daily activities that will build up to accomplishing that yearly goal?
2. Time blocking.
Are you familiar with this concept? Basically, ‘chunk’ your day into the blocks of time for each activity that supports your goal.
For example, a daily chunk o’ time for email, a daily chunk for writing, a daily chunk for marketing/outreach, exercise, client work, personal projects (volunteering/kids’ school/hobbies, etc).
What Daily Chunks (this term makes me laugh) do you incorporate now, or what would you like to be sure to incorporate to help you make the little leaps on a daily/weekly basis that will culminate in hitting – or exceeding – your yearly goals?
While I’m writing from the point of view of a business owner, if you’re not in that space/place, still consider how this could apply to you. What would you like to make happen for your life this year?


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P.P.S If you missed the official start to the 21 Day Journaling challenge and would like to join in, it’s not too late. Sign up HERE and keep an be sure to add to your contact list. Daily writing does a body good!