The Goodwill Project | The First Target Business

Thanks to everyone who was able to join us for last Friday’s The Goodwill Project kick-off (Photos here)!   For those of you who couldn’t make it, but would like to be a part of it, sign up here: The Goodwill Project Sign-Up Page

Shawn has announced the first target businesses that will be our focus for 30 days, here’s the email:


I again want to thank everyone for being part of this Goodwill Project. I truly feel we will be able to create a ripple effect in our community that will be felt by each of us and Evergreen as a whole.

After reviewing each candidate’s form and talking with many of you, there was one business that jumped out at me as a great first pick. Not only because I feel like we can really help the business, but because collectively we would be indirectly helping a lot of individuals and families in our community as well. So who is our first target business? Evergreen Nursing.

Evergreen Nursing provides nursing services by experienced compassionate professionals, who are ready tp apply comprehensive holistic care to help guide individuals to optimum wellness.

I will follow up with everyone tomorrow once we have pin-pointed exactly what her highest priority is.
Once I have this it will be easier to disseminate how we can help and what she is looking for.

Ok, thats all for now, I’ll be in touch with everyone soon!



I cannot wait to see how we make an impact working together!  You can check in here for updates as well. I love being a part of this amazing community – thanks everyone!

Did you miss the original announcement and want to learn more? Read this blog post.



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