The Passion Test | Workshops at Cowork Evergreen

Passion Test Mendhi

The Passion Test with author, speaker, entrepreneur & coach Mendhi Audlin

Friday, April 10th —–TIME TBD


Follow Your Bliss…
Grab your friends and explore your passions!

3-Hour Workshop

Learn how to identify, actualize, and monetize the things you would most love to have in your life and fulfill your personal destiny.

The Passion Test process introduces self-directed tools to remove false beliefs, concepts or ideas that may be holding you back from moving in the direction of your passions. This SYSTEM is unbelievably easy to follow and can provide the most profound positive changes in your life you may have ever experienced.

You will learn how to use the Passion Test, the world’s number one tool for getting clear about your passions and how to begin living them!

You can:

  • Clarify your top five passions or what is most important to you in your life now.
  • Provide markers or evidence in your life of what living a passionate life looks like for YOU.
  • Learn a prioritization tool that can be used for the rest of your life to make decisions.
  • Get energized and inspired about your work and life.
  • Get support for creating and living your own passion filled life!

WHO: For anyone who would love to wake up 110% excited about the day to come.

WHEN: Friday, April 10th – 12:15 pm – 3:15 pm

WHERE: Right here at Cowork Evergreen!  30706 Bryant Drive #108 (click for more details)

COST: Typically $50, but Mendhi and Cowork Evergreen are giving this as a gift to the community. Donations are welcome and please bring a snack to share with the group.

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Read what others are saying:

melissa“Just wanted to tell you how beneficial the Passion class has proved to be in our lives.  Alex (daughter) and I so enjoyed understanding, ranking our passions and putting them into practice.  Our biggest passion was to make more time to be with family.  This next week I will be traveling to Crystal beach to spend four days with my grown children and their partners. Yay!!  I have also welcomed into my life a wonderful relationship with a man that so loves family and God!  These two things were the top two of my Passion list. It really helps to sit down and look at what you want so you can start putting it into action!” – Melissa Arnold, Fort Worth, TX

Mendhi is the author of “What If It All Goes RIGHT?” and the founder/executive director of Spirituality Today, a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to supporting small group ministry programs in New Thought churches. .
A native Texan, Mendhi has spoken to audiences around the world, in 4 countries and more than 40 states. Mendhi is a Licensed Unity Teacher, a certified Passion Test facilitator and an SQ21 (Spiritual Intelligence) certified consultant. She consults with churches on the topics of Small Group Ministry and Engagement Strategy, and enjoys working with individuals who are committed to their personal and spiritual development.