What does it take to succeed? | Success Mindset for Entrepreneurs

If someone were to ask you, “What does it take to succeed in your business?” what would you say?

Would you initially come up with all the reasons why you CAN’T succeed? I think a lot of people will start with that as a knee-jerk response.

But, the truth is, you CAN succeed and you CAN define what success means to you.


Let’s take a clear look at what it takes to succeed in business. 

What do we need?

1. We need a product or service to offer.

2. We need someone to buy that product or service.

Basically, that’s what we need.


So, then how do we create SUCCESS with those two elements? Success is relative, of course, and you and I likely define success differently, but let’s say we make a product. We call it Product X, and Product X sells for $100/each.

And we know that to cover our expenses, cover our costs, our overhead and to pay ourselves to live the lifestyle we want, we need to make $10,000/month in gross sales. (Pretend we did all this math earlier and we got REALLY clear on our numbers and where every dollar is going.)

So, doing that math, we know we need to sell 1,000 units of Product X every month to achieve SUCCESS.

Cool. So you’ve just defined what you need to do to achieve success. This is huge, important work. A lot of entrepreneurs, business owners and people never outline exactly what success is to them and what they need to do to achieve it.

Now that you’ve defined these parameters, it’s time to take ACTION. It’s time to put the word out about Product X and to attract as many excellent clients as possible.

(Obvious Sidenote, but Necessary: You MUST be willing to talk about Product X and to share all the good things about it and how it benefits your clients.)

Getting the Word Out About Product X

There are endless ways to spread the word about your Product X and collectively, we’ll call them your Marketing Plan.

From the following list, decide what you love to do the most, what seems to work naturally for you and what new avenues you’d like to explore. Of course, add to this list anything else that you’d like to do.

  • Blog
  • Guest Blog
  • Emails
  • Facebook Page
  • Facebook Groups
  • YouTube Videos
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter/Pinterest/Instagram/Other Social Media
  • Workshops – Attend
  • Workshops – Host
  • Paid Advertising
  • Public Speaking
  • Networking Events (local Chamber of Commerce, Meetup.com Groups, Special interest, etc.)

From the list above, mark the ones you want to do the most, cross out anything you know you definitely don’t want to include. Brainstorm several ideas with each activity and sketch out how these would come to life.

Now for the next 2 weeks, create content and put it out via the ways you chose above. Every day do at least one thing.

Repeat, repeat, repeat. 

The more you put the word out about Product X, the more people know about how excellent it is, the more it pops into their life, the more they’re going to think about it, talk about it, buy it and refer it.

There’s your basic recipe for success in 2015. What are your tips and tricks? What have you found really works for you? What does success look like to you and your business?

Let me know – drop me a line: CoworkEvergreen@gmail.com